Saturday, 13 April 2013



Was on the phone this evening with big brother and dad. Actually it was a discussion about walimatul urus for abang and sister-in-law-to-be.

Seriously the feel had put me in the verge of telling my dad...

"Dad, can I get married together with abang and kakak?" I mean to have my marriage on the same date.

Dad never got problem to allow me to get married as early as possible.

The problem is me, who never have a boyfriend because i was once being too rigid to men, thinking that couple-lovey-dovey-geli-geli is haram. And it is, absolutely haram.

Shaitaan takes over my head over the logic.

'Serves you right, you were being too rigid last time and now no one's gonna approach you.'

'Why don't you go for some tactic to attract that particular man..?' -Euww-

But my dad once said to me, I was in my first year back then when a boy tried to approach me, berkias bahasa tanpa terus-terang...

"Jangan langgar batasan yang Allah gariskan, or else you wanna see your life head over heels?"

Only today I recalled that reminder.

So the only one to rely on is Allah, pray that He makes me find the best one for myself, family, future family and for this dakwah.

Do not ever move a step further beyond the limit He has set, or else you wanna see the head-over-heels-life, if it is not tomorrow, it may come 20 years after this.

Because hukm of Allah is obligatory to be carried out.


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